Adult Summer Reading Club

Adult Summer Reading Club

Join @ your local library!  Earn 6 punches on your punch card to be entered into prize drawings.

Here’s how to earn punches for your card:
1. Read a book (any format)
2. Listen to a book (any format)
3. Write a review on this blog
4. Attend an Adult Summer Reading Club program

See library staff to get your card punched.

This year’s prizes:
1. 3M eReaders (win one of 5)
2. All expense paid evening out on the town!
Includes Dinner, Movie, Gas, Outfits, & Babysitting Money!


One thought on “Adult Summer Reading Club

  1. Review of “Village School” by Miss Read: I liked this book. It was a little bit slow and not very exciting. But, I enjoy reading about the past and there were many things I found interesting about the English village/rural school in comparison to modern schools. I might read some more in the series because I enjoyed the reasoning and humor of the main characters.

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